Parents as Partners

Our policy is to keep parents totally informed and involved at all times.  We use the following methods of communication to help achieve this:

  • A "Daily Diary" is completed for every child under the age of 3. This is a written record of the significant events that have taken place during your child's nursery day. The diary also gives you the opportunity to comment.
  • Our playroom staff are available for informal chats at the beginning or end of your child’s nursery session.
  • Our management team operate an open door policy, should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s care and development.
  • We have a Parents’ Noticeboard located in our entrance hallway.
  • We publish regular newsletters.
  • We hold parents’ consultation evenings once a year, enabling you to have a longer discussion with the staff about your child's development.
  • We prepare written progress reports on your child, which are shared with you.