Our Staff

When you place your child our nursery school, you are placing your trust in us and our staff. Our staff are selected very carefully, on the basis of their qualifications, experience and ability to interact with young children.   All Stepping Stones staff also undergo rigorous police, medical record and previous employment checks prior to appointment.


The nursery’s managing director is a highly qualified and experienced primary school teacher.  She works alongside our Early Learning and Childcare graduate manager to lead our team of highly professional, dedicated and caring early learning and childcare practitioners.  Research shows that the highest quality nurseries have a qualified primary teacher working alongside well-qualified nursery staff and emphasises that ELC settings benefit from having a range of professionals playing complementary roles.  In addition it is proven that graduate staff, particularly those who have undertaken the Bachelor of Education -Primary-Honours Degree or the Bachelor of Arts Childhood Practice Honours Degree make a significant difference in terms of Early Learning and Childcare quality and outcomes for children.


Source:  www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2009/05/teacherdeployment